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Review of JustHost
It is best to get to the point instead of beating around the bush, and the point is JustHost is hopeless, which was anticipated considering they are an EIG company but they went a step further by JustHost being worse than its sister companies Bluehost and HostGator. I was with them for a client for 6 months and the experience was anything but good.

In mid 2013, one of my clients pressed on signing up with JustHost for his site because it was highly recommended by one of their colleagues and I had to give in to their demand uploading his site with them as soon as the account was procured. The problems started on the first day itself when a 3mb WordPress theme took 30 minutes to upload and it was a big deal that at least it got uploaded.

After the site was set up, the problems we faced never ceased. The client’s site would frequently go down and not a week passed by when the site wasn’t down for minimum an hour. The support team was incapable of explaining the exact cause for this problem and only responded after the service was back again, displaying their inefficiency.
Despite their poor service my client insisted on staying with JustHost as he didn’t want to go through the process of getting a refund and sorting issues prior to moving to another host. He let go of the downtime issues but there was another problem with this host that made my client lose his cool.

The Last Straw

My client belonged to the human resources industry and most of his business involved receiving and sending mails. In January the client observed that he had not got any reply from the clients he had emailed, even after sending follow-up mails the recipients did not divert back. On asking the host for any problems on their end, they said all the mails were sent and nothing was amiss with their service.

To solve this mystery, my client directly got in touch with his prospects via the phone and realized that all his mails were either being labelled as spam or not being received at the other end at all.

This was the limits and my client was furious with the host and their service. A temporary solution was found regarding the emails while the client moved his account after seeking a refund from JustHost.

By February 2014, my client’s JustHost account was cancelled and on my advice we moved the site to a more dependable provider. The client after burning his fingers the first time did not get involved with hosting procedures and left it all to me. I hosted the client’s account on StableHost under my private reseller account and things were sailing smoothly from then onwards.

Final Verdict

It should suffice to say that JustHost is a lousy provider with slow and overloaded servers although they deny that to be the case. Their support gets you nowhere because they revert back to you only after their servers are functioning again, which is like getting back after a day almost. Also, their mail servers are used for spam and my client suffered losses in his business as all his outgoing mail were either not sent or were forwarded as spam into the recipients spam boxes.
The other hosting review sites which rated JustHost with a score of 5/5 or similar are to be seriously doubted. The people who recommend this host to their friends so that they get a referral commission are nobody’s “friend” if they can’t make a ‘sincere’ recommendation.

The gist of this whole review is to avoid this host at all costs if you don’t want to suffer a nightmarish web hosting experience.

Even though they might be offering seemingly lucrative deals like $2.95 per month for 2 years in advance it is actually a trap that you should be aware of to avoid future headaches and heartburns.