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Review of WeLoveServers


I first came across a promo for WeLoveServers on the forum WebHostingTalk while looking out for a “small” host for some experimental projects. I was blown away by their irresistible bid offering 1TB bandwith along with 50GB space annually for $7. Their three-year plan offering the same bandwidth and space annually at $15 for 3 years, which could save you a few dollars, was equally attractive.

Is it too good to be true?

If you have doubts about the “too good to be true” offer, then I must say your fears were not baseless. After being with WeLoveServers for six months I’ve experienced more difficulty and hindrance rather than benefits. With an hour of downtime being considered routine, the loading speed varies everyday with some days it being satisfactory while on other days it would not load sites at all. And there seem to be no efforts made by the team of WeLoveServers to rectify the problems.

Horrible Downtimes

If your business is online and you are dependent on this server, brace yourself for setbacks as their downtimes will spell doom for your business. Consider the following instances to figure out that hosting even a ‘serious’ personal blog, let alone your important sites, with WeLoveServers is not a good idea-

17th April 2014- In a day 11 hours of downtime
May 2014-13 hours of downtime in the month
June 2014-more than 4 hours of downtime


The promised 50GB of space and 1TB bandwidth were visible in the cPanel but having used only approximately 800MB or 900MB of space I feel that 50GB will not be used by most users. The space available is enticing but unless actually trying to upload website data worth 50GB and using the 1TB bandwidth it cannot be said for sure whether the promised benefits meet the expectations or not. But the ‘too good to be true’ space and bandwidth are of little use given the undependable service. Also, frankly, sites which use up to 1TB of bandwidth would not avail hosting accounts from this kind of a host.

Inconsistent Support

The support especially in response to tickets sent by me was good and special mention must be made of their Vice President who was prompt in responding and answered all my mails in detail.

But that is the only praiseworthy aspect which is outweighed by the numerous cases of absurd replies received for my queries pointing at the incompetency of the support reps. One such instance is when I questioned why my site was constantly down and they replied saying their “web server stopped and they had to start it again” and this justification was given a number of times in one ticket leaving no doubts about the inefficiency of the tech support team. With such experiences I curbed the urge to contact them again.

Final Verdict

After having an account with WeLoveServers for six months I have come to the conclusion that for serious projects WeLoveServers should not be considered. Their intolerable downtime combined with their unpredictable support make the case stronger. Their hilarious and baffling responses make it apparent that the support reps were only making fish-stories.

The disheartening downtime experience with 11 hours of downtime in a day in April, 3-4 hours of downtime per week for three straight weeks in May and more than 4 hours of downtime in the first week of June itself put you off. Their dismal service has helped me decide that I will not renew with them even if the pricing is attractive.

My final verdict is that WeLoveServers could be appropriate for small projects, test sites, or for sites that are under development. But if you have the best interests of your website in mind, then you must avoid this host and look for a more dependable alternative.