RSS reader - plugin for Internet Explorer

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RSS reader is IE plugin that lets get news delivered from websites on your choice and access it right from your Internet Explorer toolbar. RSS reader parses RSS feeds (predefined or selected by you), then displays information in 3 different modes: Ticker Mode, Dropdown button mode and HTML mode.

Ticker mode lets view News in ticker with possibility to change scroll speed and ticker size.
In Dropdown button mode the News headers are displayed in additional dropdown menu.
HTML mode lets view News in html format, as usual web page.

Every mode dropdown menu contains command to switch between modes and choose RSS feeds.

RSS reader plugin for IE supports dynamic-localization function - changing reader interface language on-the-fly. RSS reader is customizable and allows different RSS feeds encoding.

RSS reader plugin can be easily inserted in any Internet Explorer toolbar package. RSS reader is developed as .dll plugin for IE toolbar, using following tools: Visual C++ 6, WTL, MSXML Parser.

RSS reader for IE is one of custom IE plugins developed by our team.
Here you can find the RSS reader for IE screen shots and other our products descriptions:
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