Rules, Read before posting.

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When reviewing a website, please use Constructive Critism.

Example Post:

" Hello, I designed and I would like to know what you guys think, is there anything I should fix?"

Usual responses:

"it's not bad"
"it's gay"
" I could do much better "
" it's all right"

A better reply would be like this:

"I like the design, but there’s still some problems with the HTML.
The header is too small for my 1280x1024 res and the left and right div should be as high as the middle div. Also, I think there are too many columns. Why not put the login box in the header somewhere and move the other items from the left somewhere else. They are wasting a lot of space where they are and the content looks squashed up, but other than that your site keeps me on it good work."
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