runescape sucks

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i just wanted to thank runescape for banning me from an account i have been workin on for 3 years that was really nice of u jerk offs ........ wat makes it better is the fact i wasnt even the one on the file my cuz was typin while i went to get the phone and i explained that and still got banned i even apolygized for the things i didnt do and they still craped on me and banned me thnx alot u freakin jerks ill never play this game again and im tellin any1 who is interested that this game sucks and yall dont give ppl a fighting chance and you will ban any1 for somethin that isnt their fault i hate your guts and ur game sucks next time u should let the person explain wat went on b4 ruining their account like that again i hate this game and the ppl who rejected my apoligy that took me 4ever 2 write and i had 1.8 mil a dragon long full rune full addy red boots and gloves i was lvl 63 and all my stats were over 40 i have axces to websites where i can post this information now remember every1 runescape sucks and they will do anything in their power to screw you over thanx for ur time


i agree they banned me because i typed in the word thats and its a bad word i mean omg!!!I got 3.6k in my account.And ppl go get a life instead of playin rs everyday god!!!

oreostix 2

I dont get it! if they censor your typing then why the heck should they ban you? its not like anyone actually saw you swear.
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