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Samsung Galaxy Note4


Upon the first look, we can't resist the opportunity to appreciate how the Galaxy Note 4 feels under control. The feel of the phablet, which now imparts the metal casing to the Galaxy Alpha, is considerably better. The back feels generally like the Galaxy Note 3, but the leather finish has been enhanced.


The screen size is unaltered, yet the board of the Galaxy Note 4 has a 2560×1440 pixel determination, in addition to the bended glass on top. It's seemingly the best Super AMOLED display, the organization has ever constructed, furthermore the most sharpest, at 515ppi pixel thickness. The display is the regular three-button setup. The Home key incorporates a unique mark scanner, to lock and unlock the telephone and approve exchanges.It likewise empowers Private mode, which provides you storage place where you can keep sensitive information and photographs.


It wouldn't be a Galaxy Note part without an S-Pen, which on the Note 4 is all-new. The new stylus looks a ton like the old one, yet is somewhat thinner. It has fine curves which make its handling is quite easy. It has the same outline as some time recently, with a catch situated on one of its sides and is not difficult to reach.


The Galaxy Note 4 does have good capacity on battery. It is only 20mah greater than the Note 3′s at 3220mah. That is not very amazing, then again, considering the measurement of the two are fundamentally the same and contrast by simple millimeters.


At last, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 accompanies another camera at the back. It's a 16mp sensor, with optical picture adjustment – a first in the lineup. It is joined by a solitary LED flash and is equipped for 4k video recording.

Hidden Features

Link Preview

The Galaxy Note 4 empowers you to view the URL link got by means of SMS or messenger of utilizing the S Pen without opening a web program. Initiate [settings] – [s Pen] – [air View] and move the S Pen near to the URL connection, and you will have the capacity to see the real substance gave by the URL in a pop-up window. You can spare time since you don't need to open it in a web program, furthermore is favorable.

S Planner With Pen Input

With the timetable arranging application, S Planner, introduced to the Galaxy Note 4, you can essentially enter a schedule with the S Pen. Initiate the peculiarity at [settings] – [s Pen] – [direct Pen Input]. A pop-up window will demonstrate. In the event that you compose "19:00-21:00 gathering @ IT focus" with the S Pen, the Galaxy Note 4 naturally perceives the time, venue and substance and registers the schedule as it abridges the substance, excluding unnecessary ones.

Meeting Mode

With the Meeting Mode, the Galaxy Note 4 recognizes sounds originating from up to 8 direction when recording, and demonstrates which sound originates from which direction, when the recorded file is played back. Specifically, when you wish to, you can play back just the voices coming from a specific direction by selecting them.