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Selling Save Your Time And Money And Overcome Any Spike With Jelastic Public Cloud!

Discussion in 'Exclusive Web Hosting Deals' started by Phantomboy, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. Phantomboy

    White Belt

    Sep 10, 2015
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    Welcome to Jelastic Turnkey Multi-Cloud!

    Jelastic provides a unique process of automatic scaling with payment based on the real consumption, but not on the server size!

    Get started with Free Trial at Public Cloud today!

    Visit: Registration for Jelastic Public Cloud. Free Trial and Sign In

    (Simply compare and chose your provider here)

    Easy to use!

    Specify maximum Scaling Limit for a container to overcome any spike!

    Scale horizontally for HA but keep paying only for used resources!

    Learn more from this video

    With Jelastic you will forget about such things you used to have with VM-Based Cloud providers:
    - Ordering smaller VM for initial phase;
    - Buying twice bigger machine when you grow or expect load spikes;
    - Migrating your project from smaller to bigger VM with downtime consequences;
    - Scaling it horizontally for HA with all inefficiency inside.

    Need more information?
    Please visit: Pay As You Use Cloud Pricing

    Do not hesitate to contact us: Contact a Jelastic Expert

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