Sell Linux to me

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I have always thought of setting up Linux on a machine I have at home and give it ago, but not sure if I should.

If you were to sell me Linux, how would you this e.g. what are the benefits of Linux? etc


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Sell Linux


Firstly if someone SELLS you linux for more than the price of the disk it is on, REPORT THEM! It is not their product to sell.

If you want to have a try of linux download a ditribution of Linux from the creators website. There is no "Linux" per se. Its like saying "Sell me windows"

Which version do you mean.

Knoppix / Ubuntu boot from CD to try without harming your Windows install so are good to try. Good beginner distros are Mandriva, Ubuntu and Suse as they are more user oriented.

Experiment with different distributions (or flavours) of Linux. There is no best

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