My Suggestion Selling Amazon Products Using Facebook


Hello, I am new to this forum so I thought I would contribute by adding one of the ways I have made money in the past using amazon affiliates. As always, it is best to twist these methods a little and find the sweet spot. Our traffic source for this method is going to be facebook groups and pages. The first thing you will want to do is either make an inspirational quotes facebook group or buy one in a marketplace. Once you have a nice looking, active group you are going to want to build a very simple website. This is where you will put your affiliate links. Find books where these quotes came from or books from the author and make some subdomains including the book, a description and summary, and a buy it now button with your affiliate link. Once you have that set-up you need to post on facebook your website for where they can buy the book. Hope whoever reads this gets an idea or two out of it!


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Welcome to the WMS community, I had bad luck through Amazon and other Affiliate Programs and am not a big fan of Facebook. Do you think the group should have targeted country members or even the pages? I know in the beginning it will be hard, but later we can drive traffic easily.

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I am a registered with Amazon and I have an affiliate account. I have not yet use it to earn. I am still searching on how to do it. I am planning to post my affiliate code to Facebook for I have more than 10,000 followers in one of my created pages.


I am not quite sure how you could target the audience more specifically. It's already targeted to a certain extent because people who like the quote will share it to their friends with most likely similar tastes. You could build different subdomains for sections of quotes and post that website through other quote sites that are more targeted. You would just have to make some natural comments before advertising your site but I've seen some quotes with 10's of thousands of shares and millions of views do your going to get some clicks even if you don't buy and build your own group.