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My Suggestion Seo Checklist For Drupal

Discussion in 'General SEO Topics' started by sunshine, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. sunshine

    Yellow Belt

    Mar 11, 2012
    +128 / -0
    Here are some recommended steps for Drupal SEO and I hope these will assist you a lot, have a glance and you will surly find them useful:
    1. Register the site with the three big search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo!).
    2. Setup Google Analytics with the Google Analytics module.
    3. Setup an XML Sitemap.
    4. Setup Webmaster Tools for Google, Bing and Yahoo!.
    5. Validate your robots.txt file.
    6. Set your Homepage meta description and keywords with Nodewords module.
    7. Create custom page titles with the Page Title module.
    8. Standardize your domain name
    9. Consolidate duplicate page URLs, such as node/123, /alias and, https:// versions of your pages.
    10. Extend your domain name registration to at least five years.
    11. Use friendly URLs: Enable clean URLs, install Path and Pathauto modules.
    12. Create several inbound links from other, ideally related and high-profile websites.
    Share relevant content if you also have.
  2. fsdqasmia

    Yellow Belt

    Jan 4, 2016
    +16 / -0
    I think the same strategies can be followed when you operate WP blog. The SEO tactics work same for all CMS.

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