SEO Contest in 2009 !!!

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Search Engine Optimization Contest in 2009

We would like to run an SEO Contest in 2009 and this is the first step in its actuall running.

We would like you to post here your interest for this competition. This will be your "registration" and the way you will get updates on this contest.

Starting date of SEO Contest ?

Since you will be the ones competiting, we think it would be fair for your to choose the starting date of the SEO contest. So, please vote for the month you think it would the best :

1. January 2009
2. February 2009
3. March 2009

Rules ?

We would like you to make suggestions regarding the rules of the contest. This is the best way to compile a strong list for the SEO contest


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Bump to bring this topic back into your attention.

The question is still actual !

We need suggestions for running

Search Engine Optimization Contest in 2009


I'm not a guru, but am willing to sit down at the table.

My first question would be:
what is this SEO Optimization?
Getting a page to rank higher on a specific search engine?
All engines in general?

How will the winner be determined?
Are we gonna need a google like algorithm?
How many people can play; or, how many need to join to start the competition? etc.

Oh yeah. Earlier than March seems unlikely at this point.


what will be the mechanics and rules of the contest? and what is the prize? im interested of it.:rolleyes:


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I am very interested in participating in SEO contest this year. we can get the pleasure in cooperation and competition and the high prize is very tempting. prepare for having a try at once.


Not interested in any contest of seo... so just take a side
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very nice but it's too late to attend the conference..!!! meet again.



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