Tutorial Seo For Bing: 10 Tips To Boost Your Rankings On Serps


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SEO for Bing: 10 tips to boost your Rankings on SERPs

The recent figures showed that Bing has a market share go 30.5% which is almost half of that of Google and also a Chinese search engine made a deal with Bing to power up their SERPs for the English queries. So you need to ensure that your site has been optimized for the Bing powered networks. Given below are 15 tips on how to optimize your site and also to gain position on the search results.

  • Improve your CTR

The product manager and the senior program manager at Bing have confirmed that Bing focuses on how the users interact with the search results. They consider the click through rate and use it to rank.

  • Reduce you bounce rates

In recent days bounce rate has become very important for the SEO as it is a factor on which the site gets ranked. Bing not only takes the CTR into account but also the timeframe and the bounce rate of the site. If the users return after a minute the site is not very much helpful to the users.

It is a special protocol developed jointly by the Google, yahoo and Bing that help the webmaster to use special HTML codes. This tag also allows the search engine understand easier your content. If this protocol has been widely used it will help the SERP to rank the site better.

  • Use Bing’s Webmaster Centre

It is a free service by Bing in which you can view all the analytic data of your site and also know the flaws. By rectifying the flaws you could make your site rank better.

  • Produce quality content

In order to rank better in the search engine results you have to produce quality content which is not copied and is unique. Bing also identifies which sites have high quality content and which have thin content and ranks them.

  • Mind the user experience

The search engine not only provides relevant information to the users but also boosts the sites that provide best user experience. You should make sure that presenting your content is very much important.

  • On-Page optimization

How well your web page is presented to the search engines. It also ensures that the given page is found by the search engine by the given keyword and key phrase. It not only increases the search engine ranks but also the readability of the page.

  • Improve your crawl ability

If the Bing spider can’t crawl on your website it will not be indexed and the site won’t be appearing for the search results. The sitemap is a great tool that will increase the crawl ability of your site.

  • Improve your websites structure

You can develop your site with the SEO friendly technique which may have a great impact in the search results of the page. Having the right keywords in the URLs may be gives you a boost.

  • Don’t use Blackhat methods

When people try to manipulate the algorithm in order to achieve ranking, wings hate the most. So the black hat techniques that are used for achieving high ranking are not advised. This will not only affect the ranks but also may results in penalization and also bans.


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Good informative post, but schema.org seems to be difficult to use. Moreover we can Improve the crawl ability by submitting our posts in Bing fast indexing tool.