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Seeking Job Seo Mistakes To Avoid | 6 Black Hat Techniques That Will Get You Banned From Google

Discussion in 'SEO Service Providers' started by hellova3, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. hellova3

    White Belt

    Jul 11, 2018
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    Search Engine Optimization is a process for digital marketing which will attract traffic to your website to increase your business.
    Now there are thousands of strategies to boost up your website, but every plan is not right for your website. Sometimes it may get you banned from Google.So before using those techniques, one has to be clear how accurate the methods are. People think if they do that with their site it will be top-ranked but they have no clue this can be lead to getting banned from Google. Here are some of the mistakes that could be the reason for getting banned from Google
    Try not to put same content over and over again
    So after a point you automatically start to repeat the contents you have written before. Now the thing is it is quite monotonous for a reader to read same stuff more than one time. Instead of repeating it could be more like writing some upgraded version. For example, one can write a topic in a new way with reference to a new time.A topic written in 2017 could be updated by 2018.Sometimes elimination is also an option. Just delete the old one and write something new, combine all the topics and make
    it look a brief content. To avoid repeating you could always come up with intriguing ideas such as take help from Google Analytics and pick a less searched topic to write something new.
    Do not use the expired domain name
    Again this is a prevalent topic for some people who think any technique can work for the website to improve the traffic. One should follow such techniques which are used for a long run. For example, a domain which is not related to your website doesn’t grant them even if they have strong potential. Because while you change the name of the domain and design it with a new name. You might think it is going to be an excellent investment for the website. Aren’t you thinking? Then to help you getting banned from Google, we suggest you do not use those shortcut tricks. Google will understand all your techniques, and as a consequence, you might get banned from winding up.
    Back-link Misusing
    A general trend is linking your website. But sometimes owners make mistakes that they go for maximum amount forgetting about quality. It is always a smart move when you take quality over quantity. Because it is not mandatory for anyone to connect back with the link if they are connected with you. Quality back-links are regardless helpful for the website. Any kind of neighborhood which is not related to your website will lead to a disaster. A bad neighborhood is always avoidable. Even if it has so many links are
    connected but if it is the spammed link then Google will figure it out, and your website will be banned. So it is advisable for one of the avoidable SEO mistakes which could lead your website banned.
    Hidden Keyword Texts
    Google has search engine result pages (SERP) which can track the keywords are not appropriate for the web page. Page owners cover their web page with keywords so that they can rank top in Google. But Google is smarter than us always. Trying different fonts or to match with the website’s background is a common trick. People usually try to do those. If your target is for the long run. If you want to stay for a strong reason, then these tricks must be avoided. Google has the authority to banned you if you don’t follow all the rules. So keep in mind before you get banned yourself from using spamming techniques.
    Cope with Changes
    The search engine tends to change their policy and upgrade their system. In that case, it is essential to be prepared for changes. Google has changed their algorithms lately.Along with this, a significant change in Google search engine ranked websites. So to deal with the updated versions of search engines, it is best to keep an eye on always. Otherwise, it might have a harmful impact on the web page with obsolete rules and could be banned from Google.
    Importance of URLs
    A web page owner always needs to keep in mind that URLs are a significant part of a webpage. Ranking in Google is quite possible without keywords in the URL. URL with a keyword is really useful for a web page. It will give the website a higher ranking. Now a false ranking could lead to a result where the web page could be banned from Google.
    As SEO is part and parcel of a website. It helps to boost and improve the page. If you have a vision for a successful Web page without getting banned from Google, then you will have to be aware of during SEO. You don’t want to get banned by small silly mistakes of SEO. There is always an option for an expert.So, you can hire an SEO specialist who has a clear concept of SEO and things which needs to be done precisely.
  2. Zeno91

    White Belt

    Sep 27, 2018
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    Thanks for the info, but I'm quite unsure that the last two paragraphs are about Black Hat SEO techniques.

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