My Experience Seo Urls Changed During Data Transfer Process

Dono Nguyen

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What is SEO URLs? What does SEO URLs for?

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is a protocol for specifying addresses on the Internet.
The purpose of SEO is to make your website appear on the top of searching result. Based on deep analysis of Internet user’s behavior and interests as well as using keyword analysis tools, the marketers collect important and potential keywords and put a high degree of effort to optimize them. If succeed, your keywords get high rank among st millions of related websites; and therefore definitely bring a huge opportunity to access with more customers. Another benefit is to push company brand name into customer’s mind, and it is apparently the desire of every e-commerce store owner.

Why SEO URLs may be changed after transferring data from one store to other shopping cart?

After considering we have determined the two main reasons below:
– Each platform has a unique structure and a different rule of URL texture
– Users have used an extension of a third party or fixed URL structure manually.

What happens if you do not migrate URLs?
  • Visitors to your site, either through bookmarks or links on other sites, will find broken links and probably leave your site.
  • Links set up to help with your search rankings will be broken and lose their value.
  • Your pages themselves will lose out on any ranking they have on search engines.
Don't forget to custom product and category SEO URLs after data transfer to preserve SEO ranking of Source Store.



If the links have been changed, then they usually put 301 redirects on them so that if users navigate through them from other sites or from their bookmarks in the browser, they do not hit the 404 page. It is also often used to not lose referrals from search engines. Different url with the same content in any case should not be on the site, unless of course, this was not done by mistake.