My Experience Seo Website Audits: Everything You Need To Know


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SEO website audits


As Google gets more stringent with its penalties for everything from evident backlink spam to having very high of a ratio of ads to content, getting a semi-annual or yearly site audit has become a business necessity. It is also a way to be cautious about your site being penalized for any reasons.

What is site audit?

It is nothing but when you pay someone to forensically examine your site with tools utilizing their knowledge and expertise to tell positives and negatives about your site.

Types of site audit
  • Site health audits
  • Red flag audits
  • Competitive site audits
  • Conversion optimization audits
  • Negative SEO or attacked site audits
  • Penalty or recovery audits
  • Security audits
Site health audits

They are typically the general audits where the auditor will look at your site and analyze the following areas for potential or existing issues, opportunities and challenges
  • Technical
  • Onsite
  • Links
  • Social Media
  • Miscellaneous

Site health audits- The audit building block

These are the building blocks for other audits. For doing any other forensic analyses or audit site health audit is the place where we have to start from.

Why you need a site health audit

So many times clients are absolutely sure they has a panda or penguin issue or none at all. Without doing a comprehensive site health audit as well as looking for issues they knew existed.

These two things must happen before your audit begins

Before an audit begins you should always have these two requests from the auditor
  • A getting started phone call to go over your sites history, past issues, and SEO efforts
  • Access to all your analytics and webmaster tools account.
Audit reporting

So you have audit underway and you are anxiously waiting your report. What should you expect to see? Well let’s first start with what an audit is not.
An audit is not simply a:
  • Screaming frog report
  • tools report of any kind
  • A W3C report( ever)
  • Bunches of google analytics data
  • Pages of text not providing you with any of the supporting document above.

What does an audit look like?

The way in which you present data might differ. These are the few things that you will always find in an audit.
  • Summary analysis with points of action
  • Red flag Warnings
  • Data
  • Actionable recommendations

Audit cost

If you are a business owner you would know a year audit cost and be wondering. Actually there is no answer to this question. The cost of audit depends on the depth and breadth of the site and in addition the complexity of the issue. The cost also depends on the audit that is taken over.

Don’t hire a lot

While taking audit do not go for the cheap ones as they are simple the data collected by a toll which will not give you any good but papers. Your audit is only going to be good as the person conducting it.


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This is amazing. There's much to read and learn from your post. This can be very helpful to those who want to know more about the site audit and why is it really needed.

Zirkon Kalti

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It costs about $300 to get your site audited by a SEO expert. It is important to get your site audited regularly because the search engine is changing quickly by introducing different algorithm updates every few months. You should get your website audited for at least 2 times every year.

Manish Mishra

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SEO audits is necessary step. It helps you analyzing what and how it has been done. It also helps you figuring out if you have done something that should not be carried anymore. It also guides you what are the major parts that really helping your seo score to search engines.


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There are three main benefits of SEO Audit:
1. Determine current SEO Weakness
2. Identify the strength of competitors
3. Focus more on your SEO Strategy


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Nicely explained. I appreciate you experience. Thanks for sharing this information.


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Website auditing is always important before you start the Off-page work. It can help you to find out things which you have to pay attention first. It can help you to know the strong points of a website. At the same time, you can easily find out the problems of a website.