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Do you have an external server monitoring tool checking your site?

I was having some weird issues with one of my sites so I decided to keep an eye on it for a few weeks to see if I could find a pattern to the issue.

Firstly I tried a free monitoring site ( but the interface was overly complex and very difficult to understand. Although not needed during the first 30 days, I also couldn't get their script to run on my site.

I then decided to sign-up for a free trial of Pingdom and found it to be excellent. It's not free - for up to 5 checks (basic) its $9.95/month and for 30 checks (business) its $39.95/month - but signing up for a trial offers you a 70% discount meaning you can get your first year of basic monitoring for around $35.

If you want to keep an eye on your web site, $35 for a year's worth of monitoring seems like a good deal.

I'm still under my trial period but very tempted to pay to keep it. Does anyone have experience with any others?
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