Tutorial Setting Up Your First Business Website Page On Google Plus

Prasoon Arora

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Google Plus provides you the platform to set up our Business page for the marketing purpose, to interact with users and is preferred mostly for B2B purpose. We work in the place, where if the thing is unknown, we do not prefer to use and are even not bother about. But there are few, who always twinkle in the eyes with their efforts made in their own different way. The same have been monitored in Business websites when promoted using Google Plus.

You can create your own Google Plus page for your business to twinkle all around. Please follow the steps as mentioned below. it is never late if preferred at least once.

1. Creating Google account.

Make sure you have the Gmail Account, the basic steps everyone knows. If you do not own for other users as not all are same in this World, please create the one, it is very easy.

2. Reaching your options for Creating pages.
  • After you created your google account, please refer to steps mentioned below :
  • Sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Click on tab right-top of screen just next to your name and select google plus or you may simply type the url plus.google.com on the same page your are on.
  • After you are on google plus profile, click on home, on left top of the page and select the option for Pages.
  • It will redirect you to the next page- google.com/business
  • Click on sign in and you are all set to create the page. The further options listed to you would be as mentioned in the image below.

Referring to the brand page as preferred, got the options to further provide the details as :
  • Page Name
  • Website
  • Type of page

It will further create a page for your business and gives you options to set up your own cover photo in the header, displaying your followers, your website link and your tagline used for the business.
The other options available on google plus pages are divided in three columns named Getting started, view insights and footer for connecting to your customer and knowing your website visitors using the options for google analytics.

3. Start building your page, and correlate your goal with the strategy :

Where business comes, not even a single steps should be considered as least important. To get the page with effective traffics, should be choosen after your decide, what your purpose of creating page is, what would be your strategy whether you are going to focus on promotions, marketing or just providing the description of your featured products.

Google pages are categorized as :
  • Local business pages and
  • Brand, organization, or artist pages
Choose that best describes your business and start working with steps to build your page.

4. Giving your presence by sharing success stories and your business content.

Start sharing contents as much as you can, give your presence whenever possible.
This is the time when you can join associated groups and connect with your friends, members, users and others to get your page advertised more and more.
You can add related success stories of your employees showing their passion to work for customer satisfaction, and your other business related details.

Give it a try, I already had one and I am sure you will enjoy building the page, as no one knows what options and steps can add Return On Investment to your business.


It's Game Time!
I would honestly think that this article is quite informative for me and the rest of the WMS community. The fact is that Google Business Pages are automatically indexed by Google itself, in which it gives us the advantage for our respective businesses to be fully exposed later on. We have our own local business that has been running for almost a year now, and still growing. We do have our very own Facebook business page, but I think this is a great idea for us to create a Google Business page for our local business as well. It's really an eye opener. :)

Prasoon Arora

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Giving a start to your business with Google Business page, is a good option to grow your business in terms of your social marketing and getting indexed in search engines. The best part is, everything that you post, share on Google is indexed immediately resulting in unmarked search engines results. I appreciate your steps to be taken in order to build your Google Business Page by referring to the article. I always believe that more you explore, more you are aware.


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I don't have a Google Plus account yet although I already have a Gmail account which I seldom use because I am a yahoo mailer. From what I understand in another thread (not in this forum), Google Plus is a social media that works like Facebook. Of course, the platform design is different from Facebook but the facilities are there like this mention of a business Page where you can indicate what you are promoting, our office is doing that in Facebook.

What I want to know is if Google Plus pays its users and how. Is it connected to Google Adsense that you get some cents when your post gets a substantial number of reads?

Prasoon Arora

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Google plus in entirely different from Facebook, which have somewhere limited access to your profiles when compared with marketing on social media. One of the best reason to choose Google plus, is the name. Everything that you post, share immediately gets listed to Google search engines. Google Pages and Google adsense are both different from each other. Google Ads is chargeable that promotes your business and do the tasks as digital marketing. If you wish to give it a start, please try it. Google plus do not pays you but helps your page grow more and get your website listed on the top resulting in returns to your investment.


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This step by step guide is helpful to the viewer especially to starters who would want to utilize Google plus in boosting their page or increase traffic in their posts. Creating a reliable and professionally done profile is also a very important step in building a good name for a business.