My 2 Cents Shopping Cart Software As Well As Hosted Solutions Like Volution, Shopify, Etc.

Prasoon Arora

White Belt
This has become a major need as most of the people have started doing online shopping. There are lot of shopping cart software available in the market. It depends on your needs which software you wish to take.
Some of them are X-Cart, Volution, Shopify, Sparkpay, etc. It allows visitors of an Internet site to select items for eventual purchase and save them till transaction. It is also known as shopping basket.

Zirkon Kalti

Content Writer
In your shopping cart, you can provide a few shipping couriers as many customers would always prefer a speedier shipping method and they are willing to pay more for it if you list these shipping options. You can also display the estimate date of arrival so that your customer know when they can expect to receive their orders. Another thing is to provide the shipping cost estimate so that customers know whether hey can afford the shipping cost, which is a thing that most customer will take into account before their checkout especially an international customers. If possible, always provide free shipping when your customers reach a certain threshold of minimum purchase.

Pooja Sharma

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Every online store contains a shopping cart. You the save the products for future as well in them if you are not checking out at that point of time. I find Shopify as the best of them especially because it is simple. Shopping cart is just same as the shopping basket which you carry in the offline stores to keep your products to buy.