Help Me/Question Should I Integrate My Woocommerce Site With Square?


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I have 3 stores and a online website. My business is improving continuously. My friend suggests me to sync data between my woocommerce with square to control easily. What should I do?


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Well it all depends on your customer preferences and business needs. Square has higher fees than PayPal, and it is less known compared to PayPal but offers great POS service. You do have option to use the plugin to import all your inventory into Square using the plugin at WordPress › Square Up To WooCommerce Import Ninjas « WordPress Plugins

If you need a programmer to set it up for you, you can open a thread in the marketplace to hire a programmer to do the job.


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There is no hurdle for you do so. But the main problem is handling the codes that involve in the procedure.


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You should go with your friend suggestion as it has the best idea or else ask the square developers to code your site. Hiring someone experienced coders will help to integrate, although it depends upon the price.

Dono Nguyen

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If you are thinking about sync data between Square and WooCommerce, Woocommerce with Square as Payment System and POS/Register can be a good information for you.
This would be ideal if merchants can directly integrate Square Payment as a credit cart processing module on their websites. But unfortunately, til now Square hasn’t opened the gate for that yet. Square integration is only available for a few chosen Partners so far.