Neutral Should I redesign my website or not?


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Hi Friends,

My website is eyeshiv .com

my website is not a responsive website. I want to create it responsive. But I am little confused should I create a new layout or I should continue with this design.

I do like my website but I want to know Do the other person likes it or not?

Know I am leaving the decision on my friend.

Please give valuable a feedback about my website layout.

Swati Mishra

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hello, I have seen your website, you should give some attractive pictures and meaningful topic which give you helpful for your website.


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For, me it is somewhat good enough. As I look at it, it appears that it is a website advertising about web hosting, graphics and design, and web developing. For a website that it's sole purpose is to advertise, I think, this is already good enough.


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Very Nice theme and pretty look.

Few suggestions;
1. Under headings Text Font need to change a bit large, now its too small.
2. .Also set FONT Size of text beneath heading........."shaping business to success"
3. Set Web Hosting details in the same line of Web Designing and Graphic Designing as per below;
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I have just visited your website just now. And I am not a professional so this is just an opinion of mine and also a suggestion the final say is yours. Maybe you can add more content to it like pictures, additional slides or context describing what your website is really about. Nice background and selection of colors by the way.


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I've checked your site and I'd say it's quite okay when it comes to the design, that is aesthetic. But with the access, it is obvious that the graphics are heavy hence the slow reaction. I'm not sure if this will help but maybe you trim down the images and make a balance between the good resolution and the thickness of the image file. And with the other parts of the homepage, I'd say it's a good one. But pardon me because my eyes are not really that good when it comes to artistic designs.


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Check also if the website is loading correctly in many different browsers. Some websites don't load perfectly in some browsers.

Manish Mishra

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The first thing you should fix right away is the page load time. It seems like it will open in next year. It is very poor SEO and you should fix this issue asap. Design is looking good but have not a professional touch.


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As per the Design My suggestions are as follows:
1. The font size is too small under the web design and graphic design.
2. Footer you should improve it further.
3. There are two links in the menu for contact section, (Enquiry and contact us) remove anyone for best way to contact to you.
4. There is no need comment section on the Index page better to use Testimonials method with Pic and slideshow.
5. Those books shows that are used to display on Internet, you should use real graphic design books that are prepared by your company.

I think your company based in New Delhi, could you wish to tell in which part it lies. We too have a Printing company in New Delhi with Speed Master 72 pro machine.


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Your website is already appealing but you could also make use of videos to further encourage viewers to know more about your offers. Providing tempting discounts or promos will also help in boosting traffic to your page.

Thomas Ray

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Website design is average. You should look into the the graphics of the website and the usability part. There is no blog page available. There is absolutely no NAP mentioned on the contact page. All of these should be taken care of if you are a serious business owner.



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yeah, its can make it more user interaction here. Full width design is also preferable nowadays. Most important thing is you should make your site responsive.