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Hi Temi,

This is where you are all hiding !!

I will be back to show my blog off when ive eneough posts


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I've looked at both the Sports blog, and the Medical one. Nice job on both, Lovely. Must admit that piece of salmon looks very tasty. :)


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Apart from my Manchester United and gardening blog, I have another one. This one is about money saving tips, getting money off deals etc. The problem can be that unlike a forum where it's often easy to respond to someone else's post, with a blog you have to be very self-motivated. Time seems to fly by, and before I know where I am not just days, but sometimes weeks have gone by and I've not added anything to it.

With this particular one it's easy enough to post sites with money saving offers etc, but that can get a bit boring. I'm always on the lookout for money saving coupons, free samples, suggestions on how to save money, and how to make the most of savings too. Now, I'm trying to write some reasonably sized articles which should prove of some value to readers.

I haven't really spent much time on it over the years, but with the economy as it is I thought it time to resurrect it somewhat. :)


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I strongly suggest you try self hosted blog, its MUCH MUCH easier than those third party sites all you blogs seem to be hosted on, you spend far less time on say a self hosted WP blog than you just spend on your blog and its yours for ever you can even sell it on should you get tired of it, not sure you can do the same for 3rd party blog platforms.
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