Help Me/Question Sick of google adsense.


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I tried to create a website where I wanted to share some interesting facts about animals, nature, places, people, etc., and although I do plagiarism check on every single article I publish, people are telling me they like the concept and the design of the website, I am getting rejected by Google Adsense because of 'Stripped content', how is that even possible since I am checking everything against plagiarism?.

I asked on their forum and I was told that I can't write about facts because nobody can't make facts, so I had to take them somewhere and there is no added value, and yet my bounce rate is 18%, but you can run something like WalesOnline, use the exact same theme as 500 other websites and run 30+ ads on a single page including auto-refreshing and that's absolutely fine, you can also search 'Google Alternatives' and you will find the same texts on dozens of websites and it's also totally fine.

I was approved by media, infolinks, etc. but they are showing just some weird banners nobody is going to click on.

So any suggestion what should I do?

Thank you.


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Yes, It is a powerful tool for bloggers to make money as they can earn money by displaying ads on their blog. Although, there are many tactics for making money but AdSense is a most effective way for bloggers. AdSense is a Google's product which shows contextual ads according to your content.