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Which is a better option to do for the optimization of a site, either to get more back links or to have few but relevant quality links with good PR? Why?


Of course getting high value relevant links is better.
Reason: Adds value to that link. Someone who visits a webmaster forum will very likely not be interested in farming equipment right?


Try to get relevant on topic links. These can of course come from directories, rpovided the directory is on topic.


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For me also quality links is my priority. But it is also needed to create a unique content. Even the content has PR0 as long as I can get traffic on that content.


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One good link is better than 100 of lesser quality. You cannot get penalised for bad links, if you could it would be easy to move our competition down the serp results.

If you are going to go forhundreds or thousands of free links, make sure you build them up gradually as loads of links appearing at the same time oculd throw up a filter.
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