Help Me/Question Sitemap Submission?


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Go to the Google Search Console and click the Crawl button and you will find the Sitemaps option.
Now Click on Sitemaps.
Now You have to click on Add/Test SITEMAP. you have to enter your website URL which is saved in XML files. Only you have to write sitemap.xml. Now refresh the page and you will find that your XML Sitemaps are submitted.


Submit your sitemap (first time)
Test your sitemap first, as described previously.
Click the Add/Test Sitemap button.
Enter a URL path into the text box. The URL should be relative to the site root defined for the property.
Click Submit.
Refresh your browser to see your new sitemap in the sitemaps list.
Click on the new sitemap in the sitemap list to open the Sitemaps Details page and investigate any errors or warnings about the sitemap or the URLs it contains.

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  • Select your site on your Google Search Console home page.
  • Click Crawl.
  • Click Sitemaps.
  • Type sitemap.xml.
  • Click Submit Sitemap.
Hi there,

I want to know how to submit the Sitemap in web master?

Thank you in advance
  1. Sign in to Google Webmaster Tools.
  2. Select your website.
  3. In the left sidebar, click Crawl and then Sitemaps.
  4. Remove outdated or invalid sitemaps (if any) like sitemap.xml.
  5. Click the Add/Test Sitemap button in the top right.


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You can easily create sitemaps by using site map generator.
search on google sitemap generator enter URL of your website and click on START button .it will generate sitemaps of your websites DOWNLOAD it.And paste the file into your source code in header section.That's all


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  1. Visit your Webmaster Tool dashboard and choose Site Configuration and then Sitemaps on the left hand sidebar.
  2. Click the Add/Test Sitemap button.
  3. Enter /system/feeds/sitemap into the text box that appears.
  4. Click Submit Sitemap.