My Experience Six Steps To Prepare Your Brand New Iphone 6


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Six Steps to Prepare Your Brand New iPhone 6


So, your brand new iPhone 6 is finally here and you’re so happy that you can hug the delivery man. It is time to rip the phone out of its box and enjoy it. But here are things you should do to prepare your iPhone 6 unit, before it can be fully usable for daily requirements.
Back up your older iPhone unit: Many people forget to do this first and they are just too busy with their new iPhone 6. In fact, our new iPhone could become much more exciting to use if it is updated with our old contacts and data. The fastest way to perform a backup process is with the iTunes. We can tether the iPhone with a Mac or Windows PC installed with the appropriate iTunes software. We could connect the old iPhone to the computer with suitable USB cable. Open the iTunes and choose our iPhone in the interface. Look for the Backups section and click “This Computer”.
  • Restore the backup to the new iPhone 6: Once again we need to connect the new iPhone 6 with our computer and restore the saved backups. It is also possible to keep backups in the iCloud for more convenient restore process.

  • Connect with iCloud: After the restore process is completed, we need to make sure that our iPhone 6 is connected with our iCloud account. We need to use 2-factor authentication and agree to the usual terms and conditions. We should configure settings to allow people reach us over Face Time and iMessage. However, if you are in hurry; this step could still be skipped.

  • Set up the TouchID scanner: We should make sure that our new iPhone 6 could identify our unique fingerprint. Follow the instructions in the Settings > Passcode to complete the TouchID configuration process. The iPhone 6 will also ask us to touch the scanner with edges of our thumb so it will have a full picture of our fingerprint. We could add more fingerprints by scanning our other thumb or fingers. Apple ID password is highly secure and also complex, so it is a huge time saver to use our fingerprint. This makes it easy to authorize purchases in the App Store and iTunes Store.

  • Update our old apps: By backing up the old phone and restoring the data into our new iPhone 6, it won’t be necessary to reinstall our apps. However, we should check whether new updates have been available from the developers, so these apps can use all the tricks provided by the iOS 8. We could simply enable the auto-update feature and make sure that our iPhone 6 is connected to a stable and fast WiFi connection. After all apps are properly updated and we don’t want to be nagged with constant requests for updates, we could disable the auto-update feature.

  • Install appropriate widgets: There are many widgets that can make our iPhone 6 more useful. As an example, there are 3rd party calendar apps that can remind us about our appointments. Amazon’s widget offers a shortcut to recently read books. To install widgets, we could pull down the Notification Center and tap Edit at the bottom. As the next screen, it is possible to choose any widget that we want to install.

  • Enable the Tips app: iOS 8 is a new major enhancement and it is advised, even for advanced users to use the Tips app. It provides us with bite-sized, handy chunks of information that we may not know yet. As an example, you may not know that it is now possible to ask Siri to identify song that is being played.


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I prefer backing up with iTunes on my systme, i think it's a lot more safer and hassle free. It also enables the restoring of an old phone without the need of internet connection, so you can have your phone set and running like before without any stress.