My Experience Social Media Affecting Daily Life.

Pooja Sharma

Well-Known Member
Everyone is active on social media now and it is good because it has connected us with all our friends and relatives but at some point it has become a waste of time. It not always important to stay online, you can rather utilize that time in doing something productive.Everything is good when it is in limit.

Prasoon Arora

White Belt
I do not believe that being on social media and maintaining your account by staying online have any drawback. Social media is not only the place to entertain but to gather as much of knowledge as you can. You may find or search your respective interest.Lets take an example of shopping and you would be surely getting list of options for the same and even if you are online you may be awareabout the updates of available optionsif you have liked or aubscrbe any.


Blue Belt
Of course it waste a lot of our time .................only if we online all the time on social media and get engaged in entertainment like sitting behind videos, playing online games and unnecessary chating.

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
People are more into social media than in real conversation. It saves time and still you are able to get connected to your friends, family and dear ones. I remember those days when the social media weren't existed at all, people have hardly talk or a give a call once in month.
I really appreciate the social media it made the people come closer and more happening is out there.


Content Writer
It has been great for me. It has helped me to reconnect with old friends. Anything can have negative effects, it all depends on the way you use social media.

Pooja Sharma

Well-Known Member
I would like to add one more point that people are taking undue advantage of social media by using someone else's photo of identity. They fake their identities at times. Of coarse it has connected us and made us social but I have seen people misusing it rather than using it. Even I use most of the social media networks and feel happy that I am connected to almost all my old friends and relatives.
As per my experience, Social media is very useful for life, although you are using it as an individual or a businessman.

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