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Solar Powered Cooling Sheds


Cleaning out the fridge is an unsavory job, and for many people it is a devastating task. Throwing away spoiled food due to inadequate refrigeration in India is common, about forty percent of the food spoils before it gets to the table.

Few farmers in India have access to electricity, so they can forget about refrigerators. In 104-degree heat, soft foods like tomatoes do not stand a chance without electricity for a refrigerator.

To tackle the problem, engineers at the University of Cincinnati teamed up with Ohio companies to create a small solar-powered refrigeration shed for storing food. They named it the SolerCool.

The cooler runs on eight solar panels and preserves produce at the perfect chilly temperature for crisp, fresh produce. The battery that charges during the day from the solar panels runs the cooler shed at night. The compressor is quite unusual, it is small and portable, unlike its larger cousins, the ones we are accustomed to using. It generates enough cold air by running off only a few solar panels.

The cooler sheds are expensive presently, although, the farmers in India are pooling their resources together and several farmers share one cooling shed. $5,000 is beyond the reach for many farmers in India. The Ohio team currently searches for ways to bring the price down; affordable to the farmers who need the cooling sheds the most.

DIY Solar Powered Shed

In about ten easy steps, if you plan everything right and have the necessary tools to complete this task, you hill have made yourself a solar powered shed. It takes about two days, $1,000-$2,500 with a difficulty level of hard.