My Suggestion Some Closely Guarded Secrets Directly From Twitter Marketing Experts


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The founder of Twitter recently said that their website has more than 1 billion users and is growing steadily each day. Twitter is a terrific way of bringing a voice and personality from within a company to the forefront. Here are some great tips from marketing experts which can help you on Twitter:

Devoting time

You should use Twitter as part of the office hours of your company. This means setting time aside for answering community questions, pointing users to resources and finding ways to be more useful to audiences irrespective of whether it is simply about entertaining them or educating them.


The best part about Twitter is just about anyone can join it and find their "community." It doesn't take very long to start monitoring streams using their search tool and finding people who are talking about the things which interest you. First build relationships then start promoting your content. A popular way of using twitter the wrong way is spamming, crating fake accounts and buying followers. All waste of money.


At some point during its evolution, Twitter became a link-sharing service with most tweets just being links to somewhere else. This type of tweets can work very well but you aren't going to be building a following just from the links which you share. You will need to balance them with a little personality so that your followers get to know the real you.


Make it a point to share good content related to your industry and niche. Engage in smart conversations on the subject which hold the most meaning for you. This will ensure you gain followers at a steady pace.

Study your audience

Do the homework regarding the end consumers you are trying to attract. Create personas or profiles of their preferences, behaviors and characteristics. Target these personas specifically in order to grow a network which has a higher impact. The search feature can come in handy. Grow your network, execute your plans, provide opportunities and add value to your network whether it involves upgrading to a commercial relationship, spreading the word about your brand or recruiting others to follow you.


Twitter is a site where it is much better to have ten good followers as compared to a thousand bad followers. If you want to retain a meaningful following, you will have to offer value in your updates. Find something which your audience will find helpful and would share on a daily basis. It can be a question which engages your audience, a comment regarding something new or news stories that other will find interesting. Providing quality updates is going to keep your followers high.

Twitter party

Twitter is nothing short of a party. It is about having fun while providing some value to followers at the same time. Only spread links which are going to help your followers in some way. Include blog posts in these links but ensure it is mostly by other people. Promoting others instead of yourself is a terrific way of growing you’re following and engaging with people to drive traffic to your website or blog. Links don't always have to be about business. Have some fun and watch the traffic come rolling in.

Tools and Analytics

Twitter is known to respond to messages at a certain time, or on a particular day. Best tools for the job is hotsuite and buffer. Buffer will help you find the correct times and days and also offers a lot of buffer messages to be sent out in case you are low on ideas.