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hi, can anyone help me with my problem
Are anyone know good WAP subscription affiliate program with Indonesian traffic? I tried to look for it with no results
if anyone know any info i will appreciate it. Thank you


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@cheezcarls Do you have any idea about affiliate programs with indonesian traffic?
I hate to say this @Solmak but I had no idea about those affiliate programs that focuses more on Indonesian traffic. If I do have an idea, I'll just let @riska82 know if I am lucky enough to find it. I am here in the Philippines, and there are only few Philippine-based affiliate programs that I usually find for myself to market it locally. But don't you worry, I can make some little time to search deeply on what you are exactly looking for. Doing affiliate marketing with local products is quite easier for direct approach promotion to the customers.


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Apart from searching a way to promote anything within your country, consider using offline ways to reach the audience.


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There are other advertiser network programs for ex: Mundo that are available for usage & not WAP.

It is also a growing program for new starters & ongoing affiliates.

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I guess you should try to reach traffic around the globe instead of focusing on just your country. It will boost your business.