Some help with selecting a webhost name questions

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hi folks fairly new to buying a domain name and just had a few questions wondered if anyone can help me.
basically when i register a www domain name they want my real name and address etc as well but what if i dont want to put those details is it allowed if i put someone elses name or some other details?
is there a way around this legally when you sign up for hosting?

im only looking to spend about 10-20 £ a year on hosting and looking for a free domain as well do you think its worth speaking to a host about this before signing up to their service to see what they can do?

Anyway I just want to know how annonymously i can set up a website so that anyone doing a search on it wont be given my actual home adress details etc. what else can you put for that?

its not that i want to do anything unethical, just out of curiosity and safety on the net :)


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The only way to find out you real address is via your domain name, you need but a privacy service when you buy your domain name, the privacy services gives your domain registrar's address and not your when someone do an address search on your domain name.
However, you still need to give the domain name registration company your real address as by law they are required to collect it, even if in the end they keep it private.
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