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We've recently expanded and updated our site, and will soon have the ability to set our own meta tag key words and descriptions. we can do this for each individual page if we want.

I would like some advice on how to go about getting the right keywords and descriptions. And also, should I use different ones for each page, or use the same for all?

The site is basically a UK private property sales site, so I am assuming that I would use keywords related to this, but I really don't know where to start!


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Hello Lorna,
To find the best keyword, it will be useful to use Google Keyword tools, it shows you what keyword people have been using to search for websites like yours. Here is the url of google keyword tool:

Once you have identified the right keywords, use between 3-4 or the keywords on your homepage in this format: (This is just and example)

TickEveryBox - Buy Sell UK Property FREE

You should use the same format for other pages on your site, like you already know, the keywords need to be different for each page, for example on the page where visitors list their website, something link this will be appropriate:

TickEveryBox - List Your Property

On the page where visitors come to search for property, something like this:

TickEveryBox - Find the right property for you

An so on . Do not forget the description tag and keywords.

Let me know if you need any more info. Good luck


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Thanks for both of your replies and advice. I will familiarise myself with the links you suggest and then let you know how I get on!

Just to clarify - I should use tickeverybox as a keyword on each page before any others? Also, regarding the descriptions, is this purely a description of the content of each page? Could you tell me how these are linked to the keywords.

Thanks for your help!!
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