My 2 Cents Some Nice Tips For Using Google+

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
Use of headlines

While posting to Google+ if you add a headline it can get your post index faster than usual. You can include your targeted keywords in the title of the post. Google+ headline is what sees in the search engines SERP’s.


It is a good idea to use different formats to design your text to make it more appealing. It also pops the eyes of the audience and easy reach to your posts.
Remember the concept! What sees it sells!

Always use your own wording while writing so it sounds to the reader that is one of us than like a sales letter.
Adding an image can enhance the entire posts look and you will be able to deliver some messages as well using image within the posts.
Also, keep in mind the places you will be sharing as well as target your audience.


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Great information about Google+. really this method is good to get high traffic. thanks for the information.

Kristen Brown

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You can create a lot of list on google plus, you can join members up to plenty but you will send a offer 500 members for your site.

Search your targeted audience an create a list and send your message within a beat of time.

sai saanvi

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Yes, to get traffic more, Google+ helps for ranking purpose. But Google+ is completely going to shut down on April 2, 2019.