Sony faces renewed security woes

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Electronics giant Sony has again been accused of selling products that leave PCs vulnerable to attack by hackers.
Security firm F-secure have discovered a flaw in software packaged with memory sticks made by the Japanese firm.

The vulnerability is similar to one found on CDs sold by Sony BMG in 2005 that led to the discs being recalled and lawsuits against the company.

The software uses virus-like techniques to hide itself on PCs which could leave it open to infection, researchers say.

"The apparent intent was to cloak sensitive files related to the fingerprint verification feature included on the USB drives," said researchers at security firm Mcafee, who have also investigated the flaw.

"However, in this case the authors apparently did not keep the security implications in mind."

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Yellow Belt

You dont need any software for memory sticks as long as you use an Operating system later than windows 2000

What is this madness?

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