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Sony ordered to pay $90 million for infringing two patents with its DualShock controllers

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but licensor of touch feedback technology Immersion Corporation doesn't see it that way, taking Sony for $90 million over patent-infringing DualShock controllers.

Immersion entered into a lengthy court battle with Sony in 2002 because it felt Sony's DualShock technology infringed two of its patents.

In September, a jury went Immersion's way, forcing Sony to pay the company $82 million.

Last week a US district judge affirmed the decision, also adding an extra $8.7 million in interest, bringing Sony's total bill to over $90 million.

Sales of PlayStation hardware were very nearly affected, with the district judge threatening Sony with a sales ban that would've prevented the company from manufacturing, importing and trading PS2 hardware and DualShock controllers in the US.

This ban, however, has been nullified for now in light of Sony's intention to appeal against the decision.

The appeal could take up to 18 months to reach a conclusion, giving Sony adequate PS2-sales time before the company releases PS3, for which it will presumably pay a licence fee for the technology, upfront.

Immersion also filed a suit against Microsoft for the rumble technology it features in its Xbox controllers. However Microsoft quickly settled, paying the company $26 million for a licence to use the technology, before stumping up an extra $6 million to buy a 10% share in the company.
Stupid Americans.. JK Just Kidding. This lil infringement crap is getting on my nerves. Its like sayin.. Hey sony.. you cant use cd-roms for you games.. I already use them! Ha!
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