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Hey there,
I would like to take one minute of your precious time to tell you about a really great sports forum. It was made so sports fans of all sports can meet and discuss quality issues within the worlds of sport. We aim to become nothing big, but with a great close community which is warm and settled into easily.
We have alot of great features on the forums as well. For a start we have Fantasy Leagues for the sports fan to play a bit of simulation within their loved game. At the moment we have 2 football ones, 2 crikcet ones and soon to be a basktball one too. We also have a Store, wherby you earn points by posting and you can also interchange points with other members, and the points allow you to buy one of our many items from the shop, which may be great things like name glows, sig changes and much more.
the other great addittions to TSF are the skins and the arcade. The arcade is a great bit of fun to add some competitiveness and competition to the forums. You compete to beat everyones highest score and hopefully become champion by the end of the month. We have a range of skins that are customized for every persons tastes.
So as you can see TSF is a real great place, and I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to take a peek and hopefully register!
Anyway throughout this I havent mangeed to tell you the URL, and it is at, so please take a look now!



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It would be kinda cool if you had a forum for those of us who play sports games on PC, PS 2 or XBOX.
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