Staff for Hire.

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I was not going to start this one but as the work load increased on me. I had to take in some staff. Right now I have 3 girls and 2 guys working under me. They can handle PHP programming, SEO which includes the on-page optimization, link building, social bookmarking and other stuff. Designing, PSD slicing and getting it coded etc. too.

We can offer ASP programming services, php Programming services, static websites in abundance along with simple and complex designs and silced-htmlcoded templates for the websites.

Content writing is also available on monthly basis from 2 persons.

If you or your company can send us some projects then we will deliver the services and products as promised. Moreover as the owner I will make sure that everything is right before even delivering the goods.

You can send me a Private message and we can talk about the concerned project in details.

Thanking You.

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