Tutorial Start Advertising With Google Adwords

Pooja Sharma

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Google Adwords, the platform for advertising your business, works with the search mechanism to relate the keywords with accuracy of the words provided and searched.

How it Works ?

Google Adwords provide a platform to your business where your ads can be displayed and the best part is you only pay if the ads are been searched by people or your ads are been clicked focusing on keywords that people search as per their requirement.

Google Adwords, displays the section for Sponsored links on right top of the page and above google search results. If your Ads shown is clicked, Users are being redirected to your website.

Google adwords also shows the reviews made for the business to get appreared to right top of the page as shown in image below.

Google Adwords provide you four steps process to get your listed , mentioned as :
  • About Your Business
  • Your ad/Your first campaign
  • Billing
  • Review
It is very easy to get your ad posted in Google Adwords. Follow steps mentioned below and set up your own ad in Google Adwords.

Getting Started and :

Type the url : adwords.google.com and the page will redirect you the screen where it will ask you to log in if you are not and if you are already logged in, it will redirect you to the page displaying the four section from left to right named as :
  • About Your Business
  • Your ad/Your first campaign
  • Billing
  • Review

1. About Your Business :

The initial step for any user to get started with Google Adwords, will ask for the email address and the website name.

2. Your Ad

The next section of Google Adwords, captures your business information including your place where you wish your business to be searched, your product or your business services that you wish to get advertised, a description to your Ad and to know how much you spend. These steps are listed as mentioned below :

1. Choose where to target your customers.

2.Select what you want to advertise : This section ask you for product or service you want to advertise.

3. Write your ad : This section ask you to provide the description of your ad including your headline (25words), Ad text(35 words) followed by subheading and your ads with the website.

While entering all the information, make sure that you are using appropriate keywords as shown that best describe your business or your offers that you are providing to your users.

4. Decide how much to spend : Define your budget as per your business requirements and click on continue further.

3. Billing :

Here in this section, you would be asked to provide the billing information, providing you the option to choose account type as Business or Individual. The further sections are listed as :
  • Account type
  • Name and Address
  • How you Pay
  • What you pay with
Please make sure your billing is updated as if not, it may interrupt your services.

4. Review

This page provides you the review of all the information that you have provided, from your business details to your website name, and your business location to the billing term. Before proceeding further make sure that you have confirmed all the details and are satisfied with all the terms. If you have missed something get it corrected or if there is something that you would like to add or updated please confirm it here.

Lets get started and get your business listed among all to get displayed with wonderful reviews, your business location, and much more.


It's Game Time!
Google Adwords is indeed one of the best PPC advertising programs of all time. I did tried them once for my own blog back then, and it seems that I got decent traffic by just picking the right keywords. There are other PPC advertising sites out there like Bing Ads as well, which seems to be some kind of a low competition type advertisement program. But what really matters for us is that Google Adwords is not as easy as it seems, because most of the businesses are already using them and competing with each other. You just have to think outside of the box for this one.

Pooja Sharma

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I totally agree that Google Adwords is not as easy as all think. What I would describe Google Adwords as exploring the platform to the level which can not be reached in little time. Google Adwords has number of feature. As long as you are using, more you will learn. Your efforts at a time will be surely providing you the desired result that you have expected ever.

Prasoon Arora

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The main objective of using google adwords what I can understand is the listing or business getting updated to Google database immediately.In return to what the business can be searched more fast and can gain its own position.
I have also noticed that any business listed on Google have 30 percent higher rate to grow in search engines which ia compared for business listed in Yahoo or other is just 10 percent. All credit to the name and brand and at last to the platform that provides your business higher rate of growth.

Pooja Sharma

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I am not in much to the database, but I know that in comparison to Google other search engines have less priority to be listed in search engines. Adwords moreover offers you PPC- Pay per click
CPC- Cost per click
CPA- Cost per aquisition
CPM- Cost per mille or cost per thousand impressions.

In the recent news it is being said that Google is banning flash from its ads.

Manish Mishra

Content Writer
Well, if you just launch the business and you want some quick result or some real quick customers then this is the best available option for you. It just like buying customers for the products you want to sell.

In fact, you need to be more accurate while providing the services because customers bring customers and this is the only reason you have to be very productive in many ways.