My 2 Cents Start Earning With Ebay Affiliate Program-ebay Partner Network

Prasoon Arora

White Belt

eBay is the World's online marketing platform that gives preference to buyers, sellers and promoters.
To buy something, to sell something is too easy, and to earn money without selling is the another side of eBay

eBay Affiliate programs helps you to earn money by promoting, or advertising its products. You do not have dedicate your specific time to eBay in order to earn, just give your couple of hours whenever you feel comfortable and start earning as much as you can.

The name of eBay's Affiliate Program is named eBay Partner Network.

How famous is eBay Partner Network ?

How it helps in earning money ?

When you are able to attract the traffic to eBay , and moreover if anyone purchased the products, your efforts are appreciated by giving you some percentage of the total revenue that eBay received in that particular transaction.

Your earnings may vary from products to products, categories to categories. Prices are also categorized on the basis of new and reactivated buyers.

eBay Partner Network, have been proved to be the best among available affiliate programs. The two sides of eBay Partner Network, which helps in direct earning can be categorized as mentioned below :
  • If you are selling your products, and you too are promoting the same products, you are getting paid twice.
  • If any products is being sell by your promotion links, you are getting paid.
You may heard eBay not working good for few, as eBay Partner Network, totally want your efforts to be made in selling any products and once your efforts are made you are appreciated by getting paid from eBay.

You may please refer to the link mentioned below to terms and conditions for eBay Partner Network :

Terms and Conditions

How the payment is made ?

The payment procedure with eBay Partner Network is too simple and can be understood as mentioned below :
  • Pays you every 22nd of the month, which may be next following business day if 22nd is off.
  • Supports US dollar, Euro, British Pound, Australian Dollar and Canadian Dollar.
  • Allows you to choose any of the payment method type as direct deposit to your account or paypal and the best part is transactions are free.
How to start promoting with eBay Partner Network ?

eBay Partner Network, provides you six stream to promote the brands products named as :
  • Creatives Generator
  • Tools, Widgets and Links Generator
  • Custom Banner
  • RSS Feed Generator
  • API
  • Product Feed

Creative Generator :

eBay Partner Network, helps you by providing the ads, banners to your website to promote the products. Moreover, you may also provide the listings to your site for the promotions of the products.

Tools, Widgets and Links Generator :

eBay Partner Network, offers you predesigned tools that makes it so easy to promote the products by generating link respectively. Generating links are profitable for those who prefer putting hyperlink and search engines results.

Custom Banner :

eBay Partner Network, also gives you an option to create your own custom banner. There are predesigned templates that any one can prefer and can start working or these banners can be customized too.

RSS Feed Generator :

The one with basic programming skills can prefer to RSS Feeds and can build custom ad. The search engines page provides RSS link at the bottom that can be plugged or linked to the application.

Similarly API (Application Programming Interface) can be used by developers to display the information base of ebay's data and functionality in their customized format and Product feed can be preferred by those who have the high volume of website applications.