My Suggestion Starting Your Freelance Career


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The idea of ‘being your own boss’ (Freelancer) is attractive and through this way one can work in his or her own way with freedom. You must have a plan to start work as freelance because it enables you to chase your career goals efficiently. Allow yourself an hour or so at the beginning of each work week, or the last hour of the previous week to plan the upcoming week to make better strategy for work. Don’t try to pay for everything, but pay for the premium tools you would use daily and are not available for free on web. In this age of internet having a website of your own can mean a whole lot so make an attractive website or blog to advertise services you are providing as freelancer.


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What's good about freelancing is that it allows you to have an opportunity to work at your own place, and at your own time. Although it's okay to work in a 9 to 5 job and you only see walls in your office cubicle, freelancing is something else. Although it may leave you some uncertainty due to the fact that freelancing can't give you consistency, but take note that nothing is impossible. If you want consistent freelance work, see to it that you are already experienced in such skill that you have mastered. I believe that freelancing can really make a difference in our lives.


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Making a free blog using WP or Blogger is a great idea to market your services, as you will have no need to pay.

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Having your business or services website can rally help you out in order to boos your sales and gain more profits.


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Freelancing gives the opportunity to make yourself your own boss. You decide how your going to work, you decide when you are going to work and where you can work; in your own home, in a coffee shop or anywhere you like as long as you get the job done. It is just a matter of finding the right job and your good to go. The money is great and your doing what you are good at.


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Starting a freelance career means you are going to enjoy a world of freedom and flexibility. You become your own boss and report the progress of work to your own conscience. Freelance career makes us more confident and responsible.


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I have freelanced full-time for over a year now. I used to do it on the side when I was working, but then I realized I can fire my boss easily. The fact is that corporations have not really increased salaries as well as they should have. I actually sat down one day and realized that my employer who was getting paid billions in earnings, was paying me the same amount in dollar terms for the past 2 years., During this time, the rupee had depreciated compared to the dollar by something like 25%, so what I thought was a hike wasn't even a hike.

So, i fired my boss. And now when I earn money, I get to keep all of the money. I get to spend time with my family more and my commute is basically 10 seconds long :)


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Being a freelancer can have its ups and downs especially if you are transitioning from a stable and fixed paying job to a freelance job where you have to always be on the lookout for job opportunities and potential clients. You can definitely become a successful freelancer provided that you know how to use your skills and you also know how to manage your time effectively.

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Starting freelance as a career is a good option in digital age. Because many people want to work from home these days.
Today's many platform available that help you in starting career as a freelance, these platform are really good and they pay you more than any company. For starting freelance career you need to develop skill or need any previous experience.

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Freelancing carrier we can start any time because there are no any criteria like you most posses degree and your age is not greater than some value and you must be physically strong etc. There is only need of your skill in which you have great command and if you have experience then it add extra benefit .


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Starting a freelancing carrier is very easy because there is no need to qualify written test and any interview . Only you have to need make a freelancer account on freelancing website choose you skills and start your carrier. Initially no need to paying fee for getting membership and test etc. You can start with your free account.


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The only thing I like is I can do so many works whenever it required by being a Freelancer. I can also do my offline business and other things. Presently we can do so many things using Tablets even School teachers can teach something online while they were in School or at home.

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If you have ability to utilize your skills as per the task is assigned, you may be a good freelancer. Choosing freelancer as a career is a good option, but remember you are not alone, there are number of competitors who are well skilled and experienced. If you want to get your self listed you have to make number of efforts to grab the projects being active, utilizing skills, and managing time in completing projects.

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Freelancing jobs are more suitable for the people who just do not want to work under someone guidelines. Those who wants to be master of their own can start their career as a freelancer. There are lots of jobs for those who are qualified. Even if you have a good command of any language it can bring you job too.


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Now freelance is a curse of mine. I earn some money from upwork, fiverr and microworkers. But now I can't work on it.I have a course on Web design and development since 2013. But still now I can't develop my skill on it. Cause when I open my computer then mind is transferred to facebook, youtube and other bad site. so I can not engage my attention to the work. OMG! Now my life is so boring and disgusting..

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I am penning this article from my very own expertise as freelancer. i think that each skilled has Associate in Nursing interest in his mind to begin a contract business notwithstanding he's extremely paid by his leader. whereas going to begin a contract career you may try and get freelance tools, so you that you simply are able to do your goal as freelancer. There area unit such a lot of things to be taken care of ne'er trust anyone blindly.


Yeah, Freelancing is the best way to earn more and learn more. I am also an SEO freelancer. I have started my freelancing work 2 years ago. I am handling all SEO projects now m currently working on a website Friscowebolutions.