My Suggestion Succesfull Business Comes With Support And Competition

Pooja Sharma

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Everyone thinks that his/her business should be successful no matter what the cost would be.
One may put all the efforts to make her/his business succesfull.
The key feature or ingredients for succesfull business lies in support and comes with competition. Without support nothing is possible,as the research from marketing field is supporting by providing the needs and happenings in the market. One may even never think of getting success without the competition as it shows you where you actually are and what improvement you have to do.
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No matter what business you put up, all forms of support are needed for it to become successful. It does not end with just financial support. Also, one of the indications that a business is successful is when it has surpassed all competition in the market.

steve taylor

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If your competitor is good then you automatically work hard due to your competitor is good.
And if you work hard with full concentration and full focused with your business then you definitely won.
Competition make mans perfect.By newtons third law when you work hard then its result is very good.
After some year you feel your capacity.

Doominic anderson

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Competition makes a person successful,if you have think that your work is sufficient enough to lead and you don't want to compete with anyone then you are wrong and you never become successful in your desired field.
Always try to compete with the best because it helps you to do your work with your great effort and you will become a successful person.
Support is very much important because it is very much difficult to achieve a big goal without any support,so,good support rises you.

Prasoon Arora

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Support and competition are the two factors that acts as two sides of the coin. One being the head called competition that comes with the initial stage, and if you are not prepared you may loose.Other goes with tail called support.You may never grow till the time you do not get support to push you forward.


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If anybody says that he/she has achieved without any support then he/she is telling lie.because you always need support (whether it is financial or mental)to cross all the hurdles and to achieve big things in life.
Competition is also other factor which helps you to have faith in yourself and to get whatever you desires.
For a successful business you need both support and competition because if there is no competition then you will not try to increase your level.
And without support you cant run your business.

Swati Mishra

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Without competition you cannot prove yourself and if you have support then you can achieve your goal in any condition.So if you have to become successful then
competition and support both are important.


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Yes every successful business comes with his best support and his best product and his competitor.
If you make your life simple (means you remain maximum time ideal) then you feel very bore But in the pressure you automatically perform more and more work.
It is key of success of any type of business.

Zirkon Kalti

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One advantage of competition is that it motivate people to want to come up with a fresh idea for their business to get more customers. Without competition, there won't be any motivation to breakthrough.

Doominic anderson

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Support and competition both are important to do your work with high potential,full dedication and consistently. You need support with your employees,your customers and your all members involved with your life to do your work well. If your employees don't give support as much you want from them it affects your business growth,because a successful business needs support.Competition helps you to do your work with more effort to be ahead from your competitors and get success in your respective business.