Suggest me features for my product comparison searchengine

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Hiya !

I am thinking of getting a "product price comparison search-engine" like the ones mentioned here :

but as you know not all of them are equally the same in terms of features.
This following link spells-out what is wrong with these "product price comparison search-engines" and I would like you to visit it and see if you agree with the problems they have high-lighted. Also, afterwards, if you come-up with more problems then please post them in this thread aswell as post what you think would be a solution to these problems. This way, I can make sure that my "product price comparison search-engine" would not have all these problems.
Don't forget to tell me what new-features you think mine should have that will influence you to :

* set your browser's home-page to my search-engine's website
* book-mark my search-engine
* use it regularly when need to shop and forget all my competitions



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What language are you going to use to create your own price comparison engine? If you ever what to flog it or need a co-sponsor for the project I may be interested, I want to use it for a project that is delayed at the moment because I cannot find a suitable script, is called , it will be a golf products price comparison engine

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