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Well the bottom line is that everyone likes to sell something.  Likes to advertise their serivce.. yadda yadda.  So, I have a few suggestions to beef up the Emporium.  First, let me prequalify these statements by saying that I believe in the blatent and the obvious.  Experience has taught me many times over that people do not respond to anything that is not made completely clear and obvious to them.  The old adage that "John Q. Public is an Idiot!" is as valid today as it has ever been in the past.

Since this is a Webmaster's site, it only makes sense that those looking to start a website might visit here.  As such, I think the "General Emporium" area should be broken up as such.

Emporium: <- Category
WebMaster Help Wanted <-Main Level Forum
WebMaster Help Available <-Main Level Forum
Everthing For Sale <-Main Level Forum
Web Hosting For Sale <-Main Level Forum

Also, I think the site could use a draw.  Something other communities are not doing that we can do.  To be truthful, thats kinda a pain in the ass thing to come up with.  However, we should be brainstorming about what that "Something" could be.



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Well the problem with that setup is I want this community to have a little bit of everything webmaster related and not just center on 'webmastering'. IE: I want hosting people, domain people, etc to come here. I think perhaps a Job Wanted child forum is in order, but other than that I don't see quite a need yet for that type of setup. I think this may be a good idea on down the road though as this place gets more members.

I do agree about the draw factor though. We need something different to bring people here. I've thought about holding some sort of contest, but I don't know what the prize(s) would be at this point.
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