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Tutorial Suitecrm Profile Scoring

Discussion in 'Business Success Stories' started by varianceinfotech, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. varianceinfotech

    White Belt

    Jan 21, 2012
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    When company working with many leads in which some of the leads or prospect doesn't seem to be weight high it means in order to group leads/prospect based on score to give high importance than profile scoring will be very useful.
    Profile scoring rules help to priorities leads, contacts, accounts, and deals based on record properties, fields and customer touch points such as calls, emails, social, etc.
    Profile Score will help to assign positive and negative points to each property while defining a scoring rule depending upon the task or criteria set or is achieved. These individual points add up dynamically to a total score when a record is created or modified. It helps to identify the profile score on the basis of their criteria set, which helps to allow scores and categories leads based on their chosen standards.
    > It helps to identify the stages of the leads and to get an idea about his/her interests and behaviour.
    > It saves the team time by updating groups of leads at once in the leads list view.
    > The "Focused Search" function will help you to zoom in on the leads that matter most.
    > Set the required scoring criteria using the "Score-Criteria Builder".
    > Update the scores of the existing leads using the "Update Score" button in the Leads.
    The scores for new leads will be updated at the time of creation.
    Profile scoring extension developed by Variance InfoTech Pvt Ltd team to help sales team to focused on high score leads/prospect. Variance InfoTech Pvt Ltd offers profile scoring on following modules of SuiteCRM.
    Profile Scoring for organizations is a systematic way to capture the attractiveness of a (potential) customer. These attributes may be the business size (revenue, number of employees), location, vertical, brand value, etc. Each attribute may have different levels of importance. So, it is logical to assign weights based on their importance.
    Click Here for Demo SuiteCRM
    Website: SuiteCRM | SuiteCRM Profile Scoring

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