Help Me/Question Sweden Offshore Server Hosting Required


I need help. Want to order high traffic offshore server hosting account (Linux):
120 gbs - HD, 2 GB - RAM! Sweden. Any recommendations?
How is provider and their service ? their pricing, features, server stability?
Any alternatives?


I can say that offshore hosting is reliable. They have all the latest and greatest of everything.
They offer good offshore web hosting with plenty of bandwidth, may e-mail accounts, many extras (at no charge), and the best Technical Support I've come across - extremely responsive and very helpful.


Member offer nice choice of location in Europe >> Netherlands, Bulgaria, Sweden and Russia.
Uptime mostly at 99%, there maybe some few downtime but I understand that no providers can actually guarantee a 100%.


I've been looking at various web hosts out there in the offshore hosting services market.
Can honestly say that it is not an easy thing to choose a good web host with stable and fast servers, helpful customer support, suitable features and is a reliable host.

Check out their discounts here ==>


I am really happy to have found offshore web host. They go out of their way to help in anything - one of their staff even incorporated my blog design for me into my site!
You won't go wrong with them.


Servers from and are worth trying.
Rock solid hosting. I recommend them for: 1) Sound support. Very fast response. 2) Prices, the best prices I have seen. 3) cPanel offered has the the options one needs in present day hosting.