T-Mobile Dash - First in The US to Run Windows Mobile 6

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US carrier T-Mobile has recently announced that T-Mobile customers using the Dash will soon be able to upgrade the OS running on their device to Windows Mobile 6.

The handset was manufactured by Taiwan's HTC and in the US is available exclusively through T-Mobile. T-Mobile's Dash is the first device in the country to be powered by the new Windows Mobile 6 OS.

It offers faster access to contacts, rich web, email and messaging experiences and enables its owner to view and edit Office documents, ensuring that the user stays always in touch with the office and can work even while on the go.

"T-Mobile is focused on finding new and richer ways to help our customers stay connected to the people that matter most," said Leslie Grandy, vice president, product development, T-Mobile USA. "As the first company in the U.S. to offer the increased functionality of Microsoft Windows Mobile 6, T-Mobile continues to build on the already great communication experience for T-Mobile Dash customers and our promise to help people 'Stick Together.'"

After the WM6 upgrade, customers will be able to view emails in their original HTML format, with live links to websites and images as well as text being displayed as they would on a PC. Moreover, they'll get to enjoy Windows Live Messenger to chat with their friends and express themselves through emoticons, or search the Web quickly and efficiently for news, local businesses, maps and other content through Live Search.

Not open for further replies.