Taking pictures of yourself

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Taking pictures of yourself

Ever tried it ? How did they came up ?

I have photo of myself shooting myself in the mirror and it looks quite interesting :)

low light, shadows - it creates a nice effect:)


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Hmm, ok then. I don't really like putting my pictures on the 'net, but I'll break with tradition this time. ;)

I thought I'd best get someone else to photograph me in one of my more relaxed moods, just before doing a bit more work on my sites.





Ya i have taken photos of myself it will be very funny but not even a single photo came properly all are very funny to see...


Most of the time, I'm taking picture of myself using my camera cell phone especially if there's no one around.
Not so much with narcissism but taking photos of yourself can be fun! Well, you'd just be surprised that you look different or good at one particular shot at one particuylar angle and at one emotion. You look the way you never thought you'd look.


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I use Video for Stills

It's simple. I put my JVC camcorder on a tripod and turn it on. Then I walk in front of it and do what ever. After down loading the video. Stills can be made from portions of the video. My editor allows me to make still clips.
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i have seen lot of pics about his effect low light shadow effect ... it looks great but i have never tried with my self ... i dont like to take my own pics :)


The best tip is don't use flash! Try to put the mirror where it picks up your image with natural light, bright but not too bright. That way you'll have plenty of chance to alter your image in your favourite photo program. Oh, and try to take just head and shoulders, rather than full or part body with one arm shooting off to one side, in which hand you have the camera! God luck!
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