Positive Talking Video Heads Review


It's Game Time!

Hello WMS community!

We all know that video marketing is booming nowadays since Youtube was born. The age of video marketing has been evolving, and it's a great opportunity for us to take advantage of doing videos once and for all But sometimes, it's been tough and rough in doing videos for yourself. I know that it's really time consuming to create high quality engaging videos once and for all. There are free tools that you can get like Windows Movie Maker to create simple marketing videos and upload them to your Youtube account.

There are some paid video creation and editing software as well, like Sony Vegas Pro and Camtasia Studio, but they're pretty expensive but with lots of features. But here is the thing. No matter if it's free or paid, nothing seems to be quite attractive nowadays by doing simple promotional videos once and for all. I have also seen some new ones in the market like Explaindio and other stuff in JVZoo, Warriorplus, Clickbank and so on. But again, they are just too much time consuming for me. Remember that time is gold, and we should be finding some ways in order to save some time in creating high quality videos once and for all, and looks like I've found one of them.

This is why I am back again for another software review that I've bought more than a year, and it's what we call the Talking Video Heads. Before I give you my own honest review about this brand new video marketing software, I wanna give you brief information on what is this all about.

What is Talking Video Heads software?

This is a standalone software that allows you to create unique videos of your own with the use of background images with talking heads lip syncing your MP3 content. It is one way to attract and engage people to watch your videos once and for all. The creator of this software is no other than Chris Dolan.

My own experience with Talking Video Heads

I would like to share my own thoughts with Talking Video Heads. When I first saw the demo video, I was so attracted and engaged to it. I can see some potential in this product during that time. So as a result, I have bought this product and testing this on my own. Although I didn't take much time to go over and do this seriously, but I think this one is useful to market any type of video you want. No matter if its a free information video, sales video, squeeze page or so, it can be used in many ways. I even tried uploading my own MP3 to see if the character can lip sync it, and yeah it does!

Without further ado, I would like to share the pros and cons of Talking Video Heads software:


* The characters can be put anywhere in the video

Although you can place the characters in any part of the video, I would suggest that you should think outside of the box as well. I normally put them on the bottom side whether left, middle or right, but there is something that can be creative as well. Let's say there's an image about a vacant news casting table, you can put the character there.

* Can lip sync MP3 files

I have recorded my own voice, save it to MP3 and upload it to the software for lip sync. If you totally suck in your own voice, you can simply download Youtube videos via third party MP3 converter, and convert it. It works perfectly!

* Easy to use in including your own background images

You can use any image that you want to upload to be used in Talking Video Heads. It's pretty easy!


* Only limited to one male and female character

There are only two characters for you to use, one guy and a girl. No other ones. If there are many variations of them, it would be more useful than I've ever seen.

* Needs a third party recording screen software for recording

Sad to say that there's no recording feature on the software. You need a screen recording software like Screencast-o-Matic to make it fully work and upload to Youtube by yourself.

By the way, here's how Talking Videos Heads work by simply watching the video below:


I would give this a decent rating of 4 out of 5! However, I can give them perfect only if Chris added more variations of talking heads that can be quite fun in doing videos any way I can.