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Companies looking to protect their trademark can now secure a .tel domain ahead of the mainstream launch of the new top level domain.

The first wave of sales of .tel domain names began at 3pm today, kick-starting mainstream interest in the new top level domain (TLD) and information sharing platform.

Right now, businesses with valid trademarks can claim the corresponding .tel domain name for a fee – a process known as the Sunrise period. This allows companies such as McDonalds or eBay, for example, to purchase .tel domains that relate to their brand names and registered trademarks without having to contend with cyber squatters and profiteers.

From 3 February 2009, anyone will be able to buy a .tel for a premium price. Known as the Landrush phase, this will allow people to register names and generic terms, for example, or The Landrush phase will be followed by general availability at an everyday price from 24 March 2009.



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The only way to find out is to hang on to it for 12 months :)

I own the following domains:
I wonder if these will be worth much in 12 months? What do you lot think?

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I wonder if these will be worth much in 12 months? What do you lot think?
Difficult to say - few people are likely to be typing these directly into the address bar. So unlikely to get much natural traffic.

They need to be marketed before they get any traffic so you need to develop them yourself or hold on in the hope that someone will like them enough to buy them off you. This is not impossible. But if there are alternative names around at reg fee - and I would guess there are - I think that you are unlikely to get much.


It would be possible to get .tel from as soon as it becomes availiable fully.
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I encountered a promo for .TEL at but when I went back it wasn't there, but they had other domains on promotional. Check it out maybe the .TEL promo is back


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I have found out that started to offer .tel domain registration 3-4 months ago. Also this company has an amazing number of accreditations and many domain extensions to register available. Also I got to know that they offer a lot of different discount coupons. Think that this will be useful for you guys.
but they are quite expensive if you compare them to godaddy or
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