Tutorial Ten Best Recommended Social Media Sites For Business.

ahmed wahdan

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Thank you for your post. I agree with you that social media are important for business. But I disagree with you in the article address that you put the 10 sites in the importance level.
Facebook, Twitter and Youtube come first, then other sites second. In meanwhile you forget the two sites which come before the other 7 sites. They are : Stumpleupon and Flicker. Many visitors came to my site from Stutedmpleupon, while Flicker importance come from it devoted to photo and photo always required to attract visitor.
Hoping that I add value to this useful article


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You’ll see that I originally posted this article back in 2011. Instagram is certainly a powerful force for small business marketers these days… especially for social engagement (as others continually change algorithms and make it hard to connect to followers).
Social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Reddit, Digg, StumpleUpon and others offer benefits include traffic more focused to your target market, faster indexing on search engines, and higher page rankings on search engines.
Do you think that Instagram is that beneficial to small businesses? I see a lot of gyms and restaurants that I frequent have an Instagram account however when I see how many followers they have it is usually not a lot. Do you think this is due to the infancy of the marketing strategy or because the businesses are doing something wrong?


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The social media enumerated above definitely help in making a brand or business known not just in a certain country but the whole world as well. With social media, your customers are given the freedom to connect and interact with your business.