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Ten most expensive domain names

This list is not an accurate because lots of domains are unlisted and due to the mode of transaction it can not be stated. Including, Adult industry.

So here we go - - Year 2012 and sold at 30.18million $. One of the highest deal ever made. - The most searched keyword term, sold for 14 million $$ in 2010. - Don't know the exact amount but it sold for 11 million $$ in 2001 - Purchased by Facebook from American Farm Beaurea federation in 2010 at the price of 8.5 million $ - Financial service domain which was sold in 2008 at 9.9 million $$, no new update since. - Sold in 2007 at 9.7 million $$. - Its now an online shopping site. Price 2.5million $$ on 2006. - Not much information of this domain,not on Google too. Sold on 2008 at a price of $ 5.88 million. - Purchased by Apple, ofcourse to make a series list of "ilist", at the price $ 4.5 million in 2011 - This was purchased to redirect to online shopping site and was purchased in 4.9 million $$ on 2008.

So, this can be a good opportunity to buy a domain name and sell it for good profit, right? Yes, go ahead and choose unique name domains and buy them.

Good luck!

Swati Mishra

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Really wonderful and informative post. For newbie, they might not believe the price for domains.
I also read from some sources the highest ever deal made for the domain is: – That was sold for $35 million Dollar in year 2007.